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Current time:  
20m Net: 14.183 MHz, 0515 UTC, daily
15m Net: 21.205 MHz, 0415 UTC, Saturday

List operation, say your call sign, stand by for calls
DXpeditions, special-events, portables, mobiles, QRP
Net runs for about 1 hour, all licensed operators welcome
QSO is brief exchange of call sign and signal report
Please do not spot the Net on clusters or skimmers
Listen from remote stations

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Net Control Team

VK1TX, Administrator
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
15m ------ VK4TM
VK7XX, relay VK4CC, ZL2GLG, VK5YL, KI6KFB, alternates

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Kentucky Fried Bananas and Cherry Coke, webmasters
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