Net Information

The net is a list operation. This means that when the net controller calls for checkins, you give your callsign and then standby until he/she calls you. The net controller will usually read back those calls that were heard and are on the list. If your call is not on the list, try again next time that 'checkins' are called for..

Net Procedure

The Net Controller will go through the list and, when it is your turn, you may call any other station you have heard. Please keep contacts limited to exchange of callsigns / signal reports and name. All other information is superfluous to a complete contact and wastes net time This is particularly important when the list involves rare DX..

Current Net Controllers

Net Controller for the 15m once a week net held UTC Saturdays @ 0415 on 21.205 is  

VK4CC Col,  / VK4XCS  Clem

Net Controllers for the 20m daily net held @ 0515 UTC on 14.183 are:

Monday VK3WM Lindsay
Tuesday VK4HQ Terry
Wednesday VK4LJ John / VK1TX  Tex
Thursday VK4SWE Lyn
Friday VK4LJ John
Saturday ZL1ANF Morris
Sunday  VK4CC Col

Stand in NC's VK3WM Lindsay /  VK4SWE Lyn

If you would like to become a controller for the ANZA net, or for further information, please email VK3WM Lindsay, the net coordinator.

Callsign Searching

How big is Australia !

a lot of hams throughout the world have no idea just how big Australia actually is so,
here is a map that will give you some perspective

Another site dedicated to the ANZA DX Net, the original, unofficial website,found at

Lot's of good info there!!!!!.